Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wrapping it up

I haven't updated this site in a year and a half and with Dell buying Alienware, this site seems less and less relevant. I think it's time to wrap up the blog, unless someone out there want to take it over. I'll give up the domain name too, it's seems entirely irrelevant as well.

Of course with the site being idle for so long, I suppose no-one will find this post either.


erasor01 said...

I am in the middle of fighting with Alienware over the Lemon they sent me a year and a half ago. I would be willing to take over the maintenance of the website since I am just in the first stages of trying to get Alienware to cooperate with me to get this issue resolved.
I purchased a ALX PC from Alienware a little over a year ago and have had problems with it since day one. I have cooperated with them for the past year and have had to send the computer back twice now. The first time it was sent back worse then when it was sent off. I had to send it back to the company and it has been 4 weeks since I began negotiations to resolve the mater.
My e-mail is erasor01@hotmail.com.
Grant C.

justGplease said...

OHHH!!! I'll take up the blog! I was checking to see if alienwaresucks.com was available since I am sick and tired of having them shaft me on a purchase made over a year ago! let me know if you want someone to take this on, I'm totally down! I've got plenty of material for blogging. Just started the BBB, consumer reports, and FTC complaint process.

justGplease said...

Comment back to Grant, email me at nlgglnllc-donotbuyalienware@yahoo.com so we can swap stories. We bought an M17x in June of last year, literally from day 1 (power cord failure) it has not worked. It has NEVER been repaired properly and they break something each time they fix it. I mailed it back so many times they had to replace the box it came in because the box wore out. I have the address for the critical issues team if you like (even though they SUCK just as much as ALIENWARE SUCKS). I just want my money back so I can go buy a Gateway. Can you tell that I hate Alienware and that Alienware sucks? Good luck with your process.

Unknown said...

I would as well.


In a time when a small company in a niche market like yours, one would think opportunities like this would be pounced upon.

Here’s your opportunity:

You have a very satisfied customer preaching to the masses for three years that your product is the ultimate and ultimately worth the higher price. The weight of this recommendation is from a very highly qualified IT service technician who’s comment I know is never taken lightly. I know the immediate reach of influence covers South Florida from Port Saint Lucie to Miami. In New York this influence covers Manhattan, Rockland and Long Island. With direct contact to around 60 IT Professionals all in high level positions. My IT Background started in the support arena and over the last five years have added web design and internet marketing. These latter skills are fresh and highly sharpened enough to support my own company. Outside of IT my influence covers Builders and their Associations including the FAHB and NAHB, Real Estate various firm within Palm Beach County, Law various law offices in three of the four areas of law within Palm Beach County, a few HOAs with the minimum members count being 600, a strong association with three chambers of commerce wellington’s being one of them along with various other regional professional associations. In New York you can mirror the same. You should notice this is minus the professional contacts with Dell that I’ve gathered through the years.

All of the above is referenced so when you ask why and how I became the biggest thorn in your side you can look back to this and know. You might want to look into the price of gaining a new customer vs. the cost of losing an existing one. Also add into the very motivated highly unsatisfied one you’re about to lose. Who will in turn use all of my Internet Marketing might to gain my $2900 of satisfaction back. If you doubt the power of SEM please consult the past presidential election for your reference of its strength. Add in the cost of repeatedly defending the huge black eye this will be for Alienware. All over the price of maybe a video card and a techs time that your paying anyway! It seem trivial.

Alienware is backed by Dell now and apparently forgot how their grassroots efforts got them this relationship. All that I am going to mention is that I want a response other than my 3 year old $2900 Laptop is out of warranty and there is nothing else we can do until you give us more $$$. I know that Dell has rode the wave of fame based on their superior support service. If that didn’t trickle down to Alienware SOP, I would recommend you contact Dell and get educated on the importance of a satisfied customer. Specifically in the Support field.

I would also recommend you look up the power of internet marketing, specifically this situation posted all over youtube, facebook, myspace, etc. Now add the fact that in todays time another shitty company is taking advantage of the little guy and in turn using my PR contacts to make this nonsense first go local to the areas mentioned above and then as far as I can push it until it becomes the viral dagger I will intend it to be. Now once you grasp that concept I want you to think of it repeating non-stop until I get bored. All at minimal expense to me and an uncountable expense to you. Good Luck

I can be reached by someone who is willing to address this situation accordingly via my cellphone at (561) 281-4501.
This will be my only effort to stay loyal to the Alienware Brand. If I am not contacted by this Friday July 24, 2009 at 5pm, please consider me an enemy and know that as my time permits you will be the focus of my attention until I am satisfied.

Gregory Tammany
Agent # 421526 Agent Order # PC-497217A
Current Status: Out of Warranty

Totty said...

Sorry that I haven't gotten back to those of you who volunteered to take things over. I started with trying to restore my email settings, which now seem to be working. I will contact each of you now and follow-up.

Anonymous said...

I will be very brief as I am posting an anonymous comment. For all intents and purposes, Alienware support had suffered tremendously since their acquisition by Dell. They do resolve issues, but it is nearly impossible for them to concede that any new equipment is necessary. Moreover, once you hit that one year mark you may as well be dead. My m9750 essentially died 13 months after purchase and they simply will not even consider replacing the machine.

I have been a loyal Alienware customer up to this point because they have always gone out of their way to make sure you are a satisfied customer. Anyhow, they basically told me "too bad, so sad" and that was about it. Needless to say I will never make another purchase from this company, and frankly I don't think they care. They have been acquired by the 800-lb gorilla and really don't care about one person...its all about the big corporate customers.

Farewell Alienware!

Gregory said...

Is this domain/blog being passed off to anyone? As expressed in previous posts, I am more than motivated to sink this dagger as deep as I can into Alienware's Wallet as possible.

redmkiv said...

I realize that you used this domain for a specific purpose, I would like to make it a public forum for topics, since there are many who have had issues with alienware that never get resolved. I just would hate for the world to not know that there are SO many issues out there with their product and to steer away from them at all costs.

Feel free to contact me about the domain name transfer.

Thanks, Shane

Totty said...

redmkiv, the domain for you email, mark4tech.com, shows up as a phishing site. I'm not going to give this domain to someone like that.

redmkiv said...

Not Sure how you determined that, my email domain is mark4tech.com used by my consulting business here in Tulsa, OK. I run everything off of google apps and was not aware of any phishing status. I would like to know who is reporting this so I can fix this if that is the case.



Totty said...

I get it due to using OpenDNS.com's service. According to their support page (http://www.opendns.com/support/article/44), they get it from PhishTank (http://www.phishtank.com/phish_detail.php?phish_id=752712) among others.

redmkiv said...

Oh Ok, this happened over the summer due to an exploit of the photo album software I was using at the time. I immediately shut that down and have not had any problems since. Someone was sending spam emails from my server via the photo software. If you notice the page they refer to now shows forbidden since I have completely turned off those links associated with that photo software.
Thanks for letting me know, I will send the appropriate requests to phishtank to get this resolved asap.


redmkiv said...

Great site too BTW, I signed up so I can contribute to the phish tank.